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Welcome to the Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital

Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital started in the 1930s as a small dispensary, ran by German Christians. After time it became a health center under the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. While Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital continues under the Diocese to this day, it became recognized as a Hospital by the local Government in the 1950s.



Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital is a non-for-profit, private hospital under the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Meru Diocese. The hospital is situated in Arumeru District, 21 km from Arusha headquarters and about 5 km from the main road. The hospital covers  7 Districts in Arusha Region, which include a total population of about 321 842 people. 

Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital has currently a capacity of 120 beds for patient admission. It also provides services including clinical lab sciences, radiology screening, RCH clinic and a dental clinic. 


Main departments offering specialized services include: 


– Dental

– General Surgery

– Laboratory

– Maternity and RCH

– Mortuary

– Orthopedics

– Palliative Care

– Pediatrics

– Pharmacy

– Physiotherapy

– Radiology

– Urgent Care



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Nkoaranga Hospital 


To provide quality health care to our people as to alleviate the disease burden within our community ultimately glorifying God.


NLH as a health facility has the responsibility to provide quality health services in response to the health needs of the community.

Our Future

Continuous improvement of health services. Striving for excellent educated staff. Invest in great patients health outcomes.