Nkoaranga Orphanage

The Nkoaranga Orphanage was build in August 1997. A German organisation called Mama Ursula supported the construction of the orphanage. Orphans from the hospital and around Arusha area are accepted to the Nkoaranga Orphanage. The head of the orphanage is Mama Andrew, who makes sure that the children grow up in a safe and friendly environment. There are 12 caregiving Mamas, who provide loving residence to the children.

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On average, there are 30 children in the Nkoaranga Orphanage, from the age from zero to three. The Orphanage makes sure, that the children are adopted before the age of four, so that they can grow up in a family environment. The family reunification and preservation is one of the main goals of the orphanage.

The funding of the orphanage is partly depending from donations. A lot of international organisation are already part of the big Nkoaranga Orphanage family. So, each year we welcome different volunteers who support the children by working closely with the Mamas. For more information about the orphanage, volunteer possibilities and donations, you can send us an email to